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Monday, 7 July 2008


So I'm just about to get in the shower, when I notice I have a glove on.

You might wonder how I managed to get the rest my clothes off without noticing the glove - but in this case it is a glove not of the clothing but of the tan variety.

Ah, you say, but shouldn't you have two tan gloves, unless you've been wearing some odd one-sleeved garment?

Quite. As it turns out, the top I had been wearing had no sleeves at all. And, standing busking in the Dundee sunshine for three hours, I had acquired a deep tan - on one side. And, looking closer, I realise that the same, though thankfully a little more subtle, has happened on my face.

It looks stupid.

Really really stupid.

Almost as stupid as my sunburned feet.

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